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Welcome! We are KushSudan. This website was designed by a bunch of patriotic Sudanese translators and web designers in an attempt to reflect the positive image of REAL Sudan, forget about what traditional media has always been circulating. It’s the era of information and we truly believe in the fabulous power of Internet and its ability to simplify communication, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere, that’s why we came up with this idea.

The kingdom of kush

The kingdom of Kush (1070 BC – 350 AD) or Kush was the ancient Nubian kingdom that situated on the confluences of the Blue Nile, White Nile and River Atbara in what is now the Republic of Sudan. The Kingdom of Kush lasted for over 1400 years and it was first established around 1070 BC when it gained its independence from Egypt, it quickly became a major power in Northeast Africa. In 727 BC, Kush took control of Egypt and ruled until the Assyrians arrived.

The empire began to weaken after Rome conquered Egypt and eventually collapsed sometime in the 300s CE. It was established after the Bronze Age collapse and the disintegration of the new kingdom of Egypt and it was centered in Napata in its early phase.

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My name is Alaa Abd Algabir Othman Mare, I’m 19 years old and I study civil engineering at University of Khartoum. Since old days I love drawing and handmade crafts very much but I’ve never thought to hone my skills until I enrolled university. We can say my first beginning with drawing was at the end of my university days, one year ago which was amazing really. I thought of making the most out of this time and practice something that I love whether cooking or drawing and I definitely chose drawing. I started my journey with drawing on 14/5/2016 and I always remember the say “If you keep taking a little step towards your goal you’ll definitely get there” so I was really enthusiastic and I have been drawing something new daily with different style then share it on social media and they kept encouraging me to draw more and more. Last year it was my first participation in Arahktora art exhibition in Al Genaid cultural center and it was a distinguished experience, Arahktora community is really beautiful where people encourage each other to be better so it was one of the main reasons that I learned new things. Thanks God, there weren’t serious difficulties because I used to dealing wisely with every obstacle bearing in mind it’s a challenge that I have to win and learn from. It’s true that I study civil engineering but my ambition is to study internal design and specialized in decoration then organize my own exhibition very soon. My word to youth, everything in life starts with an idea, our ideas create our achievements and the way see ourselves reflects our perspective in life so if we want to be successful there is only one path to follow which is to believe in our idea and set our potentials free and prove the world that we are unique and can achieve anything in addition to trying to think out of the box which means to live differently away from imitation, stereotype and social programming and do it because we believe in it not for the sake of society. The most important thing is no matter what idea you have in mind, you have to make it true because ideas that we don’t implement will die then someday someone else will achieve a lot from the same idea so you have to monitor your thoughts because they shape your fate, most importantly, we live only once so we should live it beautifully and uniquely. Finally, I would love to thank my parents and all my friends for standing for me the way that I’ll never forget.

My name is Mazin, I’m the eldest of my brothers and the first grandchild, when I was born I was the only grandchild that why I was really pampered. I was raised up isolated from the society and my peers and being taught that studying is a top priority. I attended faculty of medicine and got shocked that the world is much bigger than I thought and divers of personalities and qualities. Socially-wise I was a child and the eldest in my family then I started to mingle with people a little by little, I suffered a lot of shocks as a result my GPA began to deteriorate in my third year. In the beginning I was worried about my GPA then I lost interest and that didn’t make difference for me, life started to get bloom and thought many times of committing suicide but didn’t take it seriously, nobody cared and nobody noticed that I changed from a funny and successful guy into a depressed one, personally, I didn’t complain or tell anybody I just live the experience alone. Being a doctor made it worse because all symptoms diagnose me with depression and I got more convinced with the course of time, therefore, I lost interest in everything and hated myself. The Sudanese society doesn’t see what you feel inside in terms of depression, guilt or self-hatred it’s one and only perspective is that you are a weak and pampered person so should be punished which make it worse for the patient and get him/her into an open circle. I though many times of visiting a psychiatrist but didn’t try because fear of my family and surrounding people. Today, I’m much better every day I feel it hard for me to get out of the bed because there is nothing deserve but at last I remember myself that it’s a new day and a new chance. I get up because I believe that some others live under worse conditions and that God created me to worship him and part of this worship to help others and that it’s written I’ll be a reason to make some people happy. When you feel pain, it’s impossible to cause pain for anyone and always try to make other happy which I have inside, thanks God that I care about people and love to help and interact gently with them and wouldn’t have such unless I’ve been through all this. A while ago, I was busy with a patient who survived an accident I heard a woman telling her neighbor “I wish if he was my son” besides many other situations renewed my self-steam and my love to help others. I graduated three years ago and I plan to specialize the next month and the American Fellowship afterward if God will. I have no plans to be psychiatrist because I love rays but I plan to work in psychiatry in Sudan through building hospitals or hosting a TV program or launching a Facebook page. Which me good luck.

My Name is Mohammed Almustafa Saif Aldin, I used to be called “Sonata”. I studied at Khartoum University faculty of science and I was one of those who used to fail and carry two or three subjects in the same year, to the extent I finished my third year in 4 years and I couldn’t graduate due to bad academic history. Here, the journey started, I was in the middle of nowhere, I thought it’s a good idea to re-attend the Sudanese certificate once again and I did so but quit. I never deny that I felt frustrated and complete failure, I felt like I lost my future. I used to love playing piano, meanwhile, I attended music classes for 6 months which inspired me to enroll in a specialized faculty to become a professional musician. Despite fierce conflict with my family and several objections since I was in the scientific field but I followed my passion and studied music diploma (piano major) 6 semesters and I used to be the first in my batch. By the grace of God, I studied extra 3 years to obtain my bachelor degree leading my batch successfully. During the last two years I was studying and working simultaneously because my mother was very sick, traveling to Cairo forth and back and we have been going through difficult time. I suffered from intense pressure because of work, studying, exercises and graduation research and because of my mother’s illness. Until the final presentation came (bachelor exam), only my father attended because my mother was away for treatment. In my opinion, my presentation brought down the house which never happened before in Sudan, then I graduated and finished my academic journey the way I want, thank God. Couple of months after my graduation, my mother passed away which was my biggest tragedy. After graduation I continued to work at the same faculty where I studied for short time then moved to handle another jobs and also in the art field where I play international classical music in several events and I’m so proud that I participated in TEDxAhfad besides the fact that senior musicians in Sudan certify that I’m the best piano player in Sudan. My ambition is to continue studying in one of the western countries and develop myself further because there are still a lot that I miss. A word for youth, keep moving towards your goal, keep focused and have faith in God and remember “whatever that happens in a specific moment is the best thing to happen at that moment” just follow this principle and live according to then you will find life more beautiful.

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Tourists should see the Black Pyramids of the Meroë, Nubian hearts are still with where they originate from, so touching. Grateful for this wonderful website and the honor to write in it and all the world should see the beauty and respect the Kingdom of Kushites heritage which I admire so much. Wishing that this website will bring all Kushites together and may protect whats left of your precious and amazing heritage.

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Khartoum, Sudan skyline. Image via agataindiatsiblog.com