Sudan is often associated with poverty and conflict, but there is another side to the country, one that is rarely shown, a place with a long and proud history, great natural wealth, and enormous human potential. Peoples’ sense of what is possible is key to unlocking this potential. Sudan’s youth need to start to re-imagine Sudan and its future – to believe that things can be different and that it is in their power to make that difference. The video ‘Our Sudan’ is designed to inspire young Sudanese in Sudan and the diaspora to think differently about themselves and their future.

Around Sudan
We are all Sudan

This film provides a rare insight into the beauty of Sudan and the shared sentiments and hopes of the Sudanese people for a more united future; working together as one.

Sudan The Nubian Canvas

Sudan, the biggest country in Africa. In the south the Nile with its feeder rivers dominates an almost impenetrable swamp landscape. Towards the north begins the Savanna, which blends into the Egyptian desert farther on. Since time immemorial camels have marked the dry areas of the land and determined the lifestyle of the various nomadic tribes.